Cobot designer and manufacturer

ISYBOT designs and manufactures industrial collaborative robotic arms (CoBots), which work safely in contact with people.

The solution proposed by ISYBOT makes it possible to respond effectively to the problems of collaboration between man and machine by:

Fighting pain by relieving the operator of repetitive tasks,
Improving the productivity of manual workstations (hidden time and repeatability)
Enhancing young people's appreciation of occupations that are reputed to be painful

More than fifty years of robotic experience at the head of ISYBOT:

portraitYM  Yvan Messon, CEO, was head of the cobotic laboratory and business development manager at CEA LIST. Also an expert in remote operation, he is a member of the ISO UNM 81 commission:"robots and components for robotics". It thus possesses a real expertise complemented by a precise vision of industrial needs, acquired through its experience in the field and industrial transfer.

Max Da Silva Simoes, CTO, is a systems and real-time computer engineer. He has a solid industrial experience (12 years) and is also an expert for the project "Robot Start PME". From his industrial experience, he has an expertise in needs management, industrial organization and product definition. His experience at the CEA LIST interactive robotics laboratory gives him the cobotic expertise necessary to perform his duties.

 portraitPVDS  Philippe  Van de SompèleCOO, more than 20 years has made a major contribution to the spread of robotics in France, notably by successfully driving the shift of the automobile to other industries on behalf of one of the world's leading companies. In his various positions of responsibility, he has demonstrated his ability as a Business Developer by setting up the organizations necessary for the deployment of innovative technologies in industry.


The Cobot: a new product for a new offer

ISYBOT Cobots position themselves on the emerging segment of collaborative robotics, for robotics applications in collaboration with operators.

A spin-off from CEA LIST

ISYBOT operates exclusively for its COBOTS 9 patents of the CEA LIST, representing more than 40 man years of R&D. This innovation simplifies integration while ensuring operator safety in compliance with regulations.